How to Stay Attractive and Cool on Your Wedding Day

31 Jul

So, the big day is finally here! After months and months of planning and shopping and working out the smallest of details, the big day has finally arrived. You’ve bought the perfect outfits, matching shoes and accessories and jewelry to go with it, color coordinated it with your husband to be and the theme of the wedding and done pretty much everything that needed to be done. You’ve done everything that you can and now you’re just hoping and praying that the whole day goes off well without any hitches, hassles or hiccups. And after all, what could go wrong when all you have to do is sit or stand in one place with your husband, right?


Wrong! While many people wrongly believe that all a bride has to do is stick a smile on her face and look pretty throughout the evening, they don’t realize just how much effort goes into maintaining that perfect facade for the entire evening, where she is under the scrutiny of hundreds of eyes and she can never know who will observe even the smallest of her mistakes. But there is no need to fly into a panic and worry, brides! This article is going to give you a few tips on how to look your best at all times on the most important day of your life.

Here are a few tips:

  • While choosing your saree for the big day, try to choose a lightweight fabric that won’t tire you out with its weight over a period of time and also one that won’t show unsightly patches of sweat easily.


  • Have a run through of hair and makeup in advance to decide what suits you best look and what will look good in the photographs as well. Experiment with different brands of make up to know what will last for the longest period of time. Avoid going in for a hair do that involves too many pins as it will give you a headache after a period of time


  • When choosing your shoes, choose something with a low heel to avoid back pain from standing for very long. Comfort should be your first priority while buying the shoes. Also be sure to break in the shoes before you wear them on the big day to avoid shoe bites and blisters.


  • Carry a small clutch or purse that goes well with your outfit and is big enough to accommodate a comb, tissues, a compact and lipstick for touch up.


  • While finalizing on the venue and the stage specifications, ensure that you have suitable ventilation and air conditioning on the podium where you’ll be standing at all times, to prevent sweating off your make up.

With these handy tips, you’re sure to look your best on your big day and create some of the best memories of your life, with minimum hassle and maximum joy.

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